23 September 2006

How Wet I Am

Mommy sure likes to get me wet.

19 September 2006

Where's the Beef?

Mommy was making up for lost time today. Yesterday we didn't have time to go to the park at all, morning or evening. She was gone for most of the day, so all I had to do was lie around. She did come home for a couple hours in the late afternoon before going out again.

So today we started the day by going to the park and I got to chase the tennis ball a lot. Then she went to work again. She got home by 5 though, and after I ate dinner she took me to Scooter's again. We didn't stay long, though, because Scooter's mommy and aunt were sick. Then we went to Petsmart to get sompe pooper scooper baggies and ... what else?... a toy! This toy kept making some type of giggly noise when mommy would shake it. After turning it around and around looking for the hole where she put the food, all I could do was ask "Where's the food?".

Apparently this isn't a food-stuffed toy!
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17 September 2006

Poof! She's Gone!

Yesterday morning mommy took me to my friend Scooter's house. I was so excited because I love to play with Scooter. After only a few minutes there, though, I came back from outside with him and mommy was gone! I hate it when she does that. I drove one of my sitters crazy with my barking, but eventually I stopped and went back to playing. I drove the other sitter crazy with my mischievousness -- she soon found out that I get into everything! When mommy came home today, the sitter was telling her that she was going to put the fencing mommy borrowed from her into a 2 x 2 square so that I'd have no room to get a running start to jump out. You should have seen her face when mommy told her I could jump out of it without a running start!

Mommy brought me a present today, too. I humored her for a little while by using it while chewing on my Kong toy.

06 September 2006

Splish Splash

I hate baths!

But there is some consolation in knowing that as wet as I get, mommy gets wet, too. All the way up to her glasses!

03 September 2006

Long Nap for a Long Weekend

I didn't get much sleep this morning because mommy kept me awake. First we went to the park. Then she kept coming and going from the apartment with baskets of clothes. Of course every time she went out the door I wanted to go with her, but she wouldn't let me. I did notice that she had her arms full, so maybe she just couldn't add the leash to her burdens. Anyway, I did my part and just waited for her to come back each time. Not once did I climb up on the computer desk, or try to make mischief while she was out. She said she was so proud of me! In between trips outside she cleaned the apartment. She even blocked off the dining room and kitchen and washed the floors. She does that several times a week. I wonder if she's always washed the floor so often or if she only started since I got here.

After she stopped coming and going, she left! She did put me in the crate this time, and I got a chance to grab an hour nap until she came back with her arms full of plastic bags. There was a lot of good-smelling stuff in those bags!

Then she took me out for a short walk. It's been a cloudy day and not so hot to walk around. When she finished walking me around she finally let me do what I do best: Sleep.

02 September 2006

You Take the Good, You Take the Bad

Fortunately, today started off with our usual romp in the park. Unfortunately, we didn't get to do much playing since the fields were being used and there was less space for me to go to play. Fortunately, I did get to chase the ball a couple of times.

Unfortunately, mommy took me to the vet again. Fortunately, they were able to fit me in after mommy called yesterday when I peed in the crate for the third day and started having trouble holding it overnight, too. Unfortunately, the vet stuck a stick up my butt and a needle in my skin. Fortunately, I don't appear to have a bladder or urinary infection. Unfortunately, my urine specific gravity was low, which basically means there's too much water in my urine and not enough, well urine. At least I think that's what it means. Fortunately, it wasn't incredulously low. Unfortunately it was low enough for the vet to suggest a lot of expensive tests. Fortunately, we could start with one fairly comprehensive test first.

Unfortunately, mommy later had to put me in my crate. Fortunately, she wasn't gone long and fortunately I didn't pee in the crate and fortunately mommuy brought back TOYS.

I chewed the ear off the lamb in less than 10 minutes.

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