29 July 2007

I MUST be a Big Boy!

Mama and Grandpa went out to breakfast, as is their custom on Sunday mornings. Only this time something was different.
They didn't put me in my crate when they left! Mama did, of course, put up the new gate, and she did put my small crate in with me, but left it open for me to use if I wanted to.

Home alone with more room than just my crate? I must be a big boy now!

15 July 2007

Do Blondes Have More Fun?

I thought I'd find out. When mama had her back turned, I jumped high and reached across the counter (I can reach half way across while jumping up! I guess mama forgot). When mama first heard the crash of a container, she yelled. But when she turned to look at me she ROARED with laughter.

The first picture is what I looked like after the flour fell on me and mama first grabbed the camera. It was even funnier before she got hold of it! The second is when she got me outside. Then she actually made me POSE!

Then she gave me a bath. I wonder what prompted that. She usually lets me know before hand when it's bath day!

07 July 2007

Caged In ... Again

You might remember a while back mama tried all kinds of things to block off portions of the house to keep me either in or out of certain areas. First she tried my crate.

But I got through.

Then she tried some 26" fencing, with and without chairs for added height.

But I got out pretty quickly.

She even tried a 32" gate.

But, you got it .... I got out.

Yesterday she got a package in the mail.


So what am I barking at?

I haven't managed to get out yet!

01 July 2007

Learning to be Agile

Okay. I think she really did it this time! I think mama went way overboard today! Look what she brought home from Target:It's something called Agility equipment. She'd wanted me to get involved in something called Flyball when she first got me. But I'm still too afraid of bigger dogs and you have to be near bigger dogs to play Flyball. You do in competitive Agility, too, but she found a set at Target and thought, why not have me do this at home?
First, there's the "high jump" (set low to start).

The reason you don't see me jumping the bar in the second picture? I went around it on the other side! (I did eventually go over it, but mama couldn't take the picture and lure me over it with a treat at the same time!).

Next there are the bars. Mama lured me in and out of these, too, which is why I'm standing here: I was waiting to see where she would hold the treat next.
Then there's the "Sit Circle" as she calls it. As I get more practice, I'll sit in the middle. Maybe.
Finally there's the tunnel. This one I got the hang of right away (I crawled in one while she was setting it up!).

I can't wait until it cools off later this evening so I can try this Agility course again!

P.S. Mama says to keep checking back here because she created a slide show of our first year together! On June 23rd we celebrated our anniversary. But she's having trouble getting it on the blog so she's waiting for Donna to get back from the beach to help her!

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