27 July 2009

Summer Fun

It's been quite a while since I posted anything. That's because mama and I have been busy having lots of fun. Well, at least it started out as lots of fun when mama brought home a new food-stuffable toy for me:

But then we had a weekend visitor again. You must remember Maggie, the cute yellow lab puppy I introduced you to back in about March? She's not so little anymore. When she first got here she stayed in the open floor:

While I hid beneath the table across the way a bit:

We eventually got a bit closer, though:

I survived the weekend quite well: Maggie finally got the message that my ears were NOT stuffie toys. So it wasn't too bad.
Then Saturday something weird happened: Mama went to a friend's house for a pool party and this time, she took ME with her!

When we first got to the pool, I sat next to her sitting on the pool deck and let her spoon water over me. Then she put me IN the water; I didn't like that so much. Mama's grittin' her teeth cuz I'm working so hard to get to the side and out of the pool! Mama wasn't surprised that I wasn't a swimmer, but she was impressed that I didn't go beserk at the mere sight of it either!
One thing I don't understand, though:

Why did mama make me take a bath on Sunday when I was just swimming on Saturday?

12 July 2009

This Video Needs No Introduction

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