29 March 2007

Before and After

This was the back yard of our house when we first moved in.
See the patches of weeds among those rocks? The stone part of the yard, which is most of it, was covered in it. It was so bad last week it looked like the grass expanded.

This is what it looks like after grandpa had some landscapers come in and "de-weed" the back yard.

I miss the weeds. They were yummy.

11 March 2007

Mustang Izzie

You all should be in Tucson right now. It's 2:42 p.m. and a sunny 80° outside!

Mama took advantage of the shorts-weather and washed out my crate. Before she started, I decided to hop in and make believe she's taking me for a ride in a cool convertible. Okay, seeing as how I don't particularly like riding in a car, I wasn't really pretending to be riding in a convertible (mama doesn't have one, anyway). But you get the point about the beautiful day.

Unless you're in the Northeast!

09 March 2007


One of my favorite things to do in the mornings is to go into Grandpa's room right after he makes his bed and, well, unmake it.

It's just as well it's hard to see me in this one, as I was trying NOT to be caught by hiding under the covers.

04 March 2007

Friends are Friends Forever

Last weekend was kind of weird for me. On Friday mama left alone in her car. When she came back a little while later, she had two other dogs with her! The NERVE!

Vito is the Chihuahua/Chinese Crested mix in the middle, while Specs is the Llaso Apso on the left. We're actually getting along pretty well here.

Mama wasn't sure Vito liked this situation any more than I did at first ...

But before long, she had him hamming it up.

All I can say is, I slept REALLLLLY well after they left on Saturday night!

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