17 May 2009

Some Birthday

So, last Wednesday was my assigned birthday. I'm FOUR! Thanks to my well wishers! I wish my own mama was one of them. Did I get a fancy toy? NO. Did I get a trip somewhere? NO (but that's probably a good thing since long trips make me carsick). Did I get a birthday cake? NO! Mama says a cake would have caused both my mouth and my butt to explode. I could have lived with that!

So what DID I get? A trip to the vet on Saturday (my extracted tooth site is almost all healed). And a trip to the groomers (yuck).

Oh, wait! I did get something special. What do you think of my new blog header and color scheme?

12 May 2009

Maggie May

A few months ago, mama posted some pictures of Maggie, a yellow labrador retriever puppy that visited us. You might recognize this photo:

Now this next photo is a bit darker, but you might compare and contrast the expression on my face between the above photo from a few months ago and this one:

Can you just see how, er, thrilled I am to have another animal in this house? NOT!. Especially now since she's grown so much and is twice my size. She's not near done growing yet, either.

I was a good host, though. I shared all my toys as I chomped on hers:

Mama would have posted a picture of Maggie trying to chew on ME but she was too busy trying to redirect her to take a picture of it, though it wasn't for lack of opportunity to snap the shot. Mama kept telling Maggie that *I* was not a chew toy, but Maggie was so playful she didn't want to hear it!

Mama thought Maggie, being a lab, would love to play in water. I'm not so sure she does:

She went in the pool to fetch a ball but really didn't embrace the water. What kind of lab is she, anyway?

Maggie does two things as well as I do:


And sprawl:

In spite of Maggie's obsession with my ears, which mama says was nothing more than Maggie trying to engage me in play, mama was very impressed with Maggie's training. Last time she was here I commented on how her walking skills SUCK. Well, no more. Now she walks almost as good as I do ('cept she doesn't yet sit automatically at the end of every curb like *I* do!). She also knows sit, and will do so on command even if she's in the midst of an activity. She also is very good at going to her "Spot" and staying there until released. She was so good at this, in fact, that mama is now trying to teach ME to go to my spot and stay. Gee, thanks Maggie.

I'll close with a few videos of Maggie's visit with us. Mama had fun, and said I was a stellar host. What impressed her most, though, was that I didn't show a single sign of fear as I normally do when big dogs are around.

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