31 October 2007

All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Go

Tonight was really, really, really weird. Mama dressed me up in my walking gear (harness and old-fashioned nylon leash, which she only uses when we go to the vet or the groomers), but didn't take me anywhere. She just gave the leash to grandpa to hold. Then all kinds of weird looking little people kept coming to the door and knocking, and ringing the doorbell, and yelling "Trick or Treat". Then mama would grab a bowl full of really, really, really good-smelling stuff, open the door, and give the little people the stuff in the bowl. This went on for over an HOUR. And she never did take me anywhere; just gave the leash to grandpa to hold while she opened the door. I don't get it.Perhaps I should just be happy she didn't take me to the vet or to the groomers.

27 October 2007

Crate Haters Take Heart!

Mama wanted me to post this today in honor of all those doggies out there (or their parents) who shiver at the thought of using a crate. Mama used to do that when she realized she'd have to put me in a crate when alone (I tend to eat things like, oh, light bulbs, screws, anything made out of paper). Until she caught these pictures of me sound asleep in my crate:
Once she saw these pictures, she realized how content I am to be in there, as both of these pictures were taken when I went in on my own and didn't have to be confined.

Last night I think it sunk in for good when she snapped these pictures of me not only going in my crate on my own, but opening the gate to it all by myself!

21 October 2007

Mama is SO Proud

Today I let mama do something I've never willingly and non-fussingly ever let her do before:I let her brush me! I didn't run away, wiggle, twist away, or anything ... I just sat there and let her brush away! That may not sound like much to you all, but mama says that it was a huge improvement for me!

Mama says I look really really cute, even if it does look like I'm sporting half a lion's mane just below my neck!

13 October 2007

Look Familiar?

Do you remember what these are from a previous post last July?They're Agility Weaving Poles! Mama put up the agility equipment in the back yard! She says it's cool enough in the mornings to play again! I needed some reminders, though. Here I am trying to manuever through the weaving poles, and trying to sit in the sit circle.
And, of course, the TUNNEL. I love the TUNNEL the bes With the rest of the course, she has to give me a treat to get me to do the trick. With the tunnel, she has to give me a treat to NOT do the trick until it's time!
I know these pictures came out kind of blurry, but that's just because I moved SO FAST!

06 October 2007

Mama is SOOOO Not Happy!

I ate her favorite shoe. (Okay, I am a LITTLE sorry, but SHE's the one who left it on the floor, not ME!).

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