26 October 2008

Eerily, Eerily, Eerily, Eerily, Life is But a Dream

Or a nightmare. Last night mama left for several hours and again left me at home. HARUMPH!, I said. But when she showed me the pictures of what she found when she got to where she went, I was GLAD to have been left at home!

12 October 2008

Rusty's Yearbook




You HAVE to go check out Rusty at Chasing Squirrels With Rusty! Rusty yearbooked himself after mama made the challenge, and his pictures are downright hilarious!

Thanks Rusty for participating!

11 October 2008

Look What the Mama Dragged In!

This is Leah. She is a Greyhound dog currently living at the kennels of Arizona Greyhound Rescue. They were doing a bit of an overhaul of their kennels and needed day fosters for the dogs not yet in foster care. Now, you all know how I feel about other dogs -- particularly big dogs.

I didn't know what hit me at first. Mama snuck in through the back gate, and I was sitting in the hall waiting for her to come in through the garage like she usuallly does. Then all of a sudden I heard the back screen door open so I ran into the kitchen to see this big, black dog! Boy did I bark. Mama ignored me, though, and let me sniff her through the screen. It took me a minute or two to stop barking and sniff, but I did. Mama said she was proud of me.

Still, my instincts were to bark. Mama would pet me when I stopped, and stop petting me when I started. But it wasn't too long before I got used to her. I sniffed her butt. A few minutes later I let her sniff mine. Before long, we were buddies. Well, as buddy-buddy as I get with any dog. Here are a few more pics of me and Leah.

Mama enjoyed her time with Leah. I survived it okay. I do have to admit: She's pretty!

09 October 2008

I Have But 3 Words To Say...

Check this out!


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